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[ listen as we go, on the r a d i o ... ]

...nothing's gonna stop me now~

→the herpes of craft suppliesღ
27 August 1987
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britt ❤★ Bleach, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, d.Gray-man, DOGS, Bakuman, Special A, xxxHOLiC, Trinity Blood, Ouran High School Host Club, Air Gear, Gintama, Busou Renkin, FMA, Zombie Powder, Death Note ❤★ Avatar, Gurren Lagann, Darker than Black, Heroes, Bones, Supernatural, Project Runway, House, ANTM, the Simpsons, Family Guy, Disney ❤★ Tales of, Phoenix Wright, Sims 2, Guitar Hero, Zelda, God of War ❤★ Muse, the Killers, Kings of Leon, Franz Ferdinand, Spoon, Mute Math, the Strokes, Voxtrot, Death Cab, Feist, Metric, BLOW, Stars, Postal Service, Interpol, Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, Vienna Teng, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Silversun Pickups, Louis XIV.
hakuFriending business rolls THAT WAY! You can skim this profile for a vague idea of things to come... or you can just read the following and take these personable persons' words for it:

☆ Britt is my starlight.
☆ Britt is Britt. End of story.
Britt is that last vial o’lube just when you think you’re going dry: soft, smooth, ready to play, and potentially flammable. Pet cats and blushing virgins best beware – in that order. 10 / 10, would smut again.
Britt is like the '67 Impala, and we're all her Dean Winchester. She's tough, she's cool, she's sleek-- able to adjust to the moment by playing everything from Bon Jovi to Metallica. Able to bring a fresh new face to the table (even if, I'm sorry, but the Kansas license plate was just so much more badass). We're fiercely protective of her for a reason: longevity, dependability, and above all? It's always one hell of a trip, with her. Plus, with that leather upholstery? She's pretty damn hot.
B-Muffin is now lower in fat, calories, and is trans-fat free!
Britt is better then Chuck Norris, she needs no jokes for the world to know how badass she is.

Britt is the creamy white filling in between the Oreo. Without it, it would just be a chocolate cookie, but with it, it's something AWESOME. 8D
Britt is bringing sexy back, simultaneously bringing the boys to the yard.

She could teach you. ... But she'd have to charge.


MORE? ( see here! )
RP +
rpage Kurosaki Ichigo of BLEACH [strawberried], Yamanaka Ino of NARUTO [floralities], and Cless Alvein of Tales of Phantasia [whackadhaos] over @ polychromatic
hakuface Theme right now is: California, cover done by Mates of State, lyrics used all over the layout and on the banner. Image theme is the Death and the Strawberry (IchiRuki, Bleach) annnnnnnnd... yes, how did you guess? BRIGHT. COLOURS. :D
roleplay Credit for the layout overrides goes strictly to smilecarnival @barubaron & the re-done imaging, editing, etc, hopefully not totally botched up by hakuren! Profile coding credited to gossymer! Icons used in profile credited to britt! Whew. Enough yet? Good grief Charlie Brown.

Thank you, Hakuface. ♥
10th division, 42, =o, air gear, aizen is gay porn, aizen/world, allen = hooker, allen's pimp, annie may, bakuman, beagles, big damn heroes, bleach, capslock, ceiling!cross, chad's burrito, cowboy bebop, cutting pineapples with zanpakutous, d.gay-man, d.gray-man, darker than black, disney, dogs: bullets & carnage, family guy, faye/spike, fullmetal alchemist, gin's thundercock, ginran, gintama, good morning ichigo!, gurren lagann, hair porn, haku in a box, halt hammerzeit, harry potter, hinamori get out, hitsuhina, honey and clover, i c u thar, ichallen, ichigo is a retard, ichigo's pimp coat, ichinemu, ichiruki, ichitatsu, imma chargin' mah lazers, internets r srs biznis, is this a game, ishi-wan kenobi, ishida in hot pants, ishihime, isshin = pimp, kara_uni, katekyo hitman reborn!, kon!ichigo, logan/veronica, lol lj drama, lol rp wank, lord of the rings, love, lulz, mangu, matsumoto's boobs, monty python, mugen/fuu, my ipod, not ichigo/yachiru porn, ouran host club, plushie abuse, pretendy funtime games, procrastination, renji is a ho, renji's 70s drag, renji's phallic jewelry, riding strawberries, rookchigo, rp, rping, sakuichi, sakuranshit, samurai champloo, shikaichi, shiro-chan in a box, shunsui/nanao, shuuran, smut, space pirates, spacevies, special a, suggestive bankai releases, tag-team beat-ups, the simpsons, urahara/yoruichi, yoruichi is your seme